The Cunning Crows

Larso Toadwell: A gnome master beguiler. Arrived in Calimport with his cousin Quigor Wyrmwonder. They since parted ways and Larso, grown increasingly worried for his cousin’s safety, searches for him.

Quigor Wyrmwonder: Gnome Transmuter known for his love of serpents. Travelled widely with the Cunning Crows before disappearing one day. His causin, Larso, suspects that he journeyed to Chult, or the Lake of Steam, in search of serpent lore.

Hrokar Runebender: A dwarven wizard from under the Cloudpeak mountains. Spent considerable time and effort to unearth clues of Fallen Netheril.

Elgen of the Sacred Coin: Human cleric of Waukeen. Friendly and genial, expect when the Smiling Sun Trading Company is brought up. Though he never explicitly said so, most of his adventuring companions believe that the Smiling Sun was in some way involved in his exile from Cormyr.

Lyletherma “Therma” Sundew: Half-Elf figher from Neverwinter. Seeks to win fortune and glory through adventuring and win the hearts of the people around her.

The Cunning Crows

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