The Iron Antlers

The adventuring company founded by Sir Imarfel Rauthyl for the sole purpose of defending the remains of Myth Drannor, and exorcising the demons from the city.

The Iron Antlers were:

Sir Imarfel Rauthyl: Moon Elf, Paladin of Corellon Larethian. Once wielder of The Swords of Hope

Adati Sokol: Human Ranger from The Vilhon Reach and master falconer. Married to Geraint Goldsaddle.

Geraint Goldsaddle: Human Fighter/Sorcerer from the Moonsea. Earned renowned after successfully holding off a pirate attack on his port village.

Tlaloc: Half-Orc Druid/Warlock from Chult. Devout worshipper of Ubtao. Exiled from his homeland for trafficking with forbidden lore.

Bayard Quint: Halfling Rogue/Monk from Athkatla. Sole survivor of an attack on his home, the Temple of the Unyielding Palm. Travelled far and wide since joining the Iron Antlers.

Aelthar Kennerlylth: Sun Elf. Sir Imarfel’s squire and the only survivor when demons attacked the Iron Antlers in 1163 DR, The Year of the Shrouded Sky.

The Iron Antlers

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