“Knowledge of our world is to be nurtured like a precious flower, for it is the most precious thing we have. Wherefore guard the word written and heed words unwritten-and set them down ere they fade.” – Alaundo of Candlekeep.

The story of the adventuring party known as the First Lords, how they saved the Lady of Threathpar, their journey to Snowhoard to investigate the spreading evil and their quest to find the Shards of Hope.

Active Characters:

Aelthar Kennerlylth: Elven swordsman from Myth Drannor. He has searched for the The Shards of Hope since his master, Sir Imarfel Rauthyl perished fighting demons in Myth Drannor’s ruins.

Larso Toadwell: A gnome master beguiler. Arrived in Calimport with his cousin Quigor Wyrmwonder. They since parted ways and Larso, grown increasingly worried for his cousin’s safety, searches for him.

Nathon Argyle: Paladin of Ilmater and heir to House Argyle of Silvermoon. He seeks to distance himself from his father’s shadow and make his own way. Since his travels with the First Lords, he has repeatedly gotten dream vision from Ilmater leading him towards his fate.

Torym of Snowhoard: A half-orc warrior and devout follower of Helm. Torym travelled to Baldur’s Gate looking for virtuous adventurers to travel to Snowhoard, his village, and help him fight a mysterious evil that threatens to erode the protective ward of the statue of Vorondor the Wounded. Recently he has begun to share Nathon’s dream sense.

Anui of the Moonshaes: Goliath barbarian and Peregrine messenger. He has travelled to the North in hopes of finding Vorondor’s statue and receive healing there. |

Retired/Dead Characters:

Sparky Everfire: Halfling sorcerer touched with Spellfire. He travelled with the First Lords for a while but was brutally murdered in Baldur’s Gate by who appeared to be Larso’s cousin, Quigor Serpentis.

Ergotkir Stonequill: A dwarven cleric and scholar from Citadel Adbar sent to Candlekeep to retrieve some forgotten lore for the citadel. On his way there Lord Yurel Cloakshadow recruited him along with the other original First Lords to save Lady Ayal of Threathpar. He left the adventuring company in Baldur’s Gate when a detachment of Adbar Hammers tracked him down and forced him to continue his journey to Candlekeep.

The Shards of Hope

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